November 13, 2013

Fremdtunes and The Find Magazine present the seventh track release of the remix-artwork project ‘REPROGRAM: A SEQUENCE OF REMIXES’: Grazzhoppa‘s (BE) Friendly Visit From Outta Space, remixed by DJ Optimus with exclusively designed artwork by Spielerei (NL).

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September 7, 2011

Novelties from Fremdtunes HQ!

First of all: we, under the alias of OptiMace, just released a brand new EP called ‘This music is not music’ on the great netlabel Kitchen Dip Recordings. A peculiar mix of jazz, hiphop, pop, soundscapes and electronics. It’s fresh, funky & free! Go download the EP at

More OptiMace news: we invited some of the finest artistst around to remix tracks of the ‘Used Future’ EP and one by one the remixes are coming in. We’ve decided to put ‘m out on 7-inch first (in a series of 3) and afterwards as digital release. So, vinyl-lovers first! The remixers are: Big Mister Doom, Deformer, DJ Devastate, DJ Mace, Eni-less. iET & Optimus, Ill Symphony, KRSUR and Moods. We’ll keep you posted on release-dates!

Other odd future business: Fremdtunes and Mashville are working with bkkc on See-a-sound. It’s an interdisciplinary project with 10 designers and 10 producers/DJ’s interlinking – to work on a-silkscreenprint-and-music exposition, which will be held at bkkc Tilburg in 2012.  Participating artists are Attak, Grazzhoppa, Boris Tellegen, DJ Mace, Jeroen Erosie, Jameszoo, Graphic Surgery, Kelpe, Loulouandtummie, DJ Optimus, Michiel Schuurman, Soosh, Mister Adam,
Coco Bryce, Staynice, Julian Edwardes, Studio Boot, Solo Moderna, Supernova and Kid Sundance. More information will follow soon!

In the meantime, alotof good music hit ‘the streets’: classic Dutch hiphop crew The Proov just put out their new LP Off the cuf, Vindictiv did a nice remix, distorted and striking as ever, Frietboer just released Fiks and beatking Coco Bryce released a smashing 7-inch on Saturate. For more monthly musical hints – check our juno chart.

So, that’s the Weather Fremdcast for today. Stay tuned!


July 4, 2011

Today, it’s independence day, so we could tell you to ‘stay independent’ and celebrate the indie- and diy-culture, but that’s something we’d like you to decide for yourself. Instead, we celebrate the release of ‘Yield & continue’ by Dutch producer Saccage. This release (digital only!) is available on downloadstores like Boomkat, Digital TunesJuno & Addictech.  Saccage produced two jazzed-up Hip Hop tracks for this debut. ‘Security of misfortune’ dips the listener’s brain in a wistful voyage, while ‘Let it go’ has MC Rude-D distributing some nice, direct vocals on a downtempo Hip Hop beat. Belgium’s finest 40 Winks (Project Mooncircle) remixed ‘Security of misfortune’ and turned it into an authentic tour the force. Coco Bryce (Myor/Fremdtunes) ft DJ Mace remixed ‘Monkey business’ in his perpetual effective way.

Saccage earlier released some great tracks. One of ‘m (together with USA mc Incense) ended up on Tropical Heat Volume 1 by Myor: get this record here. In 2007, Saccage released a limited split EP with Rude-D. There’s only a few copies left: order these here.


June 27, 2011

Official video for Arthur’s day off/ Damian by OptiMace. Video by Pepijn Klijs. Popping by Lloyd Marengo!


June 23, 2011

We put together a mix for Wax Poetics (one of the greatest musicmagazines since the birth of Christ): reflecting Fremdtunes’ flavor with a soulful, funky, electronic, and beat-heavy trip. Go to Wax Poetics for some outstanding reading-material or take yourself directly to the mix on our soundcloud page


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June 20, 2011

Out now! The long-awaited debut ‘Double Helix DNA’ by DJ Optimus is out now on Fremdtunes. Hip Hop beats rich with Jazz and Funk influences, Turntablism, Electronica and a whole squadron of guests, including Rasco, Prince Po, iET, MC Rise, Maylay Sparks, Mo & Grazz, Gumshoe, GMB, Ill Pro, Nicolas Kummert, Budy Mokoginta and El Da Sensei, are the main ingredients of his debut. Optimus (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) created a complex produced masterpiece, working with a whole variety of (vintage) equipment & instruments and chopping up half the world. So, there you have it: jazzy, funky, energetic, dreamy, straight forward and with the boombap right at its core.

Go get the CD at:
or any store near you.

The downloadable version is available at:
And many other stores…

Read a nice review on this album right here: and don’t to forget to take a peak at this great video-teaser by Mister Adam & Superelectric.

Follow Optimus at!/djoptimusmusic, visit and mostly: visit his brand new website:


May 30, 2011

Today we officially release the very limited vinyl of ‘Fremdtunes the series 2’.  This second edition of our labelsampler series features music by DJ Optimus ft Prince Po (Organized Konfusion!), DJ Devastate ft Segerfalk, Jameszoo, Fremdkunst, Vindictiv and Boulaone.

Listen to the snippet mix on our soundcloud page. Watch the the teaser (by the always-electrifying Superelectric). Mister Adam, the indefatigable, did the great artwork and the silckscreen printing! Read more on this 6-track 12″ right here. Also, did a review. Read here!

Go get the vinyl at:

– Baza Shop (RU):
– Dux Records (DE):—THE-SERIES-2.html&XTCsid=…
– Imusic (DK):
– Japonica (JP):
– Jazzysport (JP):
– Jet Set (JP):
– Juno (UK):
– Rush Hour (NL):
Or ask for it at your local recordstore…

Here are a few online download stores where you can get this release: Addictech, Beatport, Boomkat, Digital Tunes, DJ Tunes and Juno.

On June 4th we celebrate this release at 013 with some mosdeffunky DJ’s Coco Bryce (Myor, please check his blog because he’s been putting out too much good stuff to sum up right here), Devastate (BBE/all the way from Sweden!) and Solo Moderna (brand new release out on Urbanworld!).


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