We put together a mix for Wax Poetics (one of the greatest musicmagazines since the birth of Christ): reflecting Fremdtunes’ flavor with a soulful, funky, electronic, and beat-heavy trip. Go to Wax Poetics for some outstanding reading-material or take yourself directly to the mix on our soundcloud page



1. Introduction
2. Jameszoo – Krishnan Feathers
3. Fatima – Mind
4. Numaads – Now (Robot Koch Remix)
5. BUG – Cosmic Lab
6. Luke Vibert – Bongo Beats
7. Baron Zen – Baron Zen Theme
8. Lower Entrance – Give Me a Beat
9. J Rocc – Stay Fresh
10. Kelpe – Chocolate Money
11. El-P – Time Won’t Tell
12. Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers ft Nas
13. Shlomo – Antigravity (Fulgeance Remix)
14. Coco Bryce – Boesoek (Fremdtunes)
15. Craft – Mustard Seed
16. Paul White – Alien Nature
17. Fremdkunst – This Side of Paradise (Fremdtunes)
18. Central Line – Walk Into Sunshine
19. Daniel Drumz – Walking Into Sunshine
20. Lovebug Starkski – You’ve gotta believe/Davy DMX – One For The Treble
21. Kid Sundance & Busy Bee – Hip Hop Icon ft Rhones
22. Dâm-Funk – Come On Outside

Mix, edits and additional cuts & sounds by DJs Mace and Optimus.

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