The digital version of the début EP Used Future by Dutch DJ’s/producers Mace and Optimus, together OptiMace, is out now! The EP is the result of an intensive cooperation between the two, using all types of equipment like vintage samplers & synthesizers, fx-pedals, turntables, ‘ordinary’ instruments and materials like stoves and brushes. OptiMace created a playful mixture of dusty, jazzy beats, electronics and soundscapes. The two, who also combine forces in label Fremdtunes, invited Belgium saxophone player Erwin Vann to add some mind-blowing brass to the tracks. The digital version comes with a bonus-track, Flash, featuring DJ Vindictiv. Rush Hour distributes the vinyl (out on 04/18/2011). The artwork is done by Klaas Verplancke and Mister Adam.

Order the digital release (mp3/wav) right here:



Digital Tunes

DJ Tunes



Music is here

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