Fremdtunes and The Find Magazine present the seventh track release of the remix-artwork project ‘REPROGRAM: A SEQUENCE OF REMIXES’: Grazzhoppa‘s (BE) Friendly Visit From Outta Space, remixed by DJ Optimus with exclusively designed artwork by Spielerei (NL).

Reprogram involves 16 tracks that were previously released through Fremdtunes and are remixed and published online as a string of free downloads. One by one these tracks are shared through various platforms in a period of a few weeks. Every song will get new artwork made by a renowned graphic designer. The whole album will be available via Bandcamp on November 23rd. Stay up-to-date through our Reprogram-release-page.

Friendly Visit From Outta Space‘ was released on the compilation ‘SEE-A-SOUND‘ in 2012. Grazzhoppa has ‘been around’ for quite a while. After winning several DJ battles he became 
European DMC Champion in 1991, 
Belgian Champion I.T.F. in 1998 
and 3rd in the I.T.F. World Championships that same year. He worked with artists like Blade, MF Doom, Zap Mama, David Gilmore and Kazi. Released music on labels like Sub Rosa, Brick 9000 and DC Recordings. And has been touring the European continent with DJ Grazzhoppa’s DJ Big Band and Mo & Grazz.

Optimus (Neels Smeekens, Rotterdam, NL) remixed Grazz’s original, adding heavy drums, synths and off the hook arrangements. Optimus is active as a DJ/producer since halfway the nineties. Besides scratching and rockin’ parties, Optimus produces music and gives scratchworkshops. He composed, performed, worked and/or played with Grazzhoppa, Toots Thielemans, El Da Sensei, Rasco, Eric Vloeimans and Aka Moon, among others. The remix is mastered by Collin Visser (Takumi Audio).

Make sure you download Reprogram #3 too: Grazzhoppa remixing Optimus ft Prince Po with Mister Adam artwork!

SPIELEREI is a graphic design studio founded in 2009 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. They playfully challenge their own limitations while developing graphic identities and illustrations and their finest goal is to always deliver extraordinary work.


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