On June 20th, DJ Optimus will release his debut album ‘Double Helix DNA’ on Fremdtunes. Hip Hop beats rich with Jazz and Funk influences, Turntablism, Electronica and a whole squadron of guests, including Rasco, Prince Po, iET, MC Rise, Maylay Sparks, Mo & Grazz and El Da Sensei, are the main ingredients of this debut. Optimus (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) created a complex produced masterpiece, working with a whole variety of (vintage) equipment & instruments and chopping up half the world. So, there you have it: jazzy, funky, energetic, dreamy, straight forward and with the boombap right at its core.

The album can be pre-ordered now at http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=59974!

We’ve uploaded a snippet of a song of this forthcoming album to soundcloud. Stream it right here!

Two earlier released songs, And only practice… and Pound for pound, can also be found on ‘Double Helix DNA’. Curious about these releases? Find out more on these releases here and here!

Soon, the brand new DJ Optimus website will be online, for now: follow this fellow at http://twitter.com/#!/djoptimusmusic or visit www.soundcloud.com/djoptimusmusic.  And, to find out more on DJ Optimus’ mixing skills: listen to: http://www.mixcloud.com/Fremdtunes/dj-optimus-a-strange-stew-mix-2011/.


  1. hey optimusss back in timeee heb ik soms een demo mix cd van je van in begin met the bigband periode van iron and najib my homiess heb ik soms een cdtje kunnen kopen ZOU HET MOGELIJK ZIJN EEN ALBUM CD VAN JE TE KOPEN BIG FAN THANKS LET ME NOW IK ZOU GRAAG EEN ALBUMETJE KOPEN THANKS

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