Out now (November 1 2010)! Fremdtunes – the series 1: the first official Fremdtunes label-sampler with tracks by Coco Bryce (ft Gumshoe, Incks & Mace), DJ Optimus, Kid Sundance (ft Rescue) & Solo Moderna. Fremdtunes – the series shows a cross-section of the diverse music-styles the label focusses on. Spherical hiphop as well as dubby funkstep appear on this 4-track 12” vinyl piece. Although the tracks vary in style, all artists share a similar love for the art of cut-and-paste and are all known for being DJ ánd producer. Order this vinyl piece directly at Rushhour or go to your local recordstore and ask for this 12″. The artwork is done by the unstoppable Mister Adam and Superelectric, who were as a duo also responsible for the fantastic Fremdkunst viral video.

Digital downloads are also available! If you buy the EP as download on our bandcamp page you’ll get a free track by Esolar. So, go get ‘m at:

DJ Optimus is DJ/producer/musician/turntablist, co-owner of Fremdtunes and member of Grazzhoppa’s DJ Big Band, Ill Productionz & iET. He’s currently working on his first full-length LP (which features El da Sensei and Prince Po amongst others). The track ‘And only practice…’ will also appear on his début. www.myspace.com/djoptimusmusic

Coco Bryce is producer/DJ, label-owner (Myor) and musical omnivore. He’s known for his eclectic, dubstep, skweee DJ-sets & productions, collabs with artists like Slugabed and releases on Harmönia, Mässy, Astro:Dynamics, Car Crash Set and others. On Fremdtunes – the series 1 he teams up with mc’s Gumshoe (The Proov) and Incks (Real Phresh Music) and Dutch DJ Mace on a track called ‘Something for your mind’. http://soundcloud.com/cocobrycebeats

Kid Sundance has been a household name in the music-scene for quite some time. He’s a member of the Boomoperators, worked with various artists like Dudley Perkins and Busy Bee and released music on the well-known Jazzy Sport label. Sundance remixed the track ‘The ultimate rhythmmachine’ by OptiMace ft Erwin Vann (release on Fremdtunes) and created a spherical masterpiece. www.myspace.com/kidsundance
OptiMace – The ultimate rhythmmachine (Kid Sundance’s Ultimate BreakBeat Remix feat. Rescue) by fremdtunes

Producer/DJ Solo Moderna takes care of the last track on this label-sampler with a remix of ‘Sidewalk surfers & eccentric dancers’, originally made by Fremdkunst. Moderna turns the original surf/breakbeat track into a dubby funkstep tune. Moderna released his solo-début Boogalookalikes in 2007 on Social Beat and released tracks & remixes on labels like Jazz & Milk, Schema and Tru Thoughts. http://solomoderna.blogspot.com

Order the 12″ at http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=56683

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