After first being released as 12″, Fremdtunes – the series 1 is now officially out as digital download!

This labelsampler contains 4 tracks by DJ Optimus, Coco Bryce (ft DJ Mace, Gumshoe & Incks), Kid Sundance/OptiMace (ft Rescue) and Solo Moderna/Fremdkunst and is an absolute must-have for any cut-n-click-n-paste-beats-lover… With ‘The series’ we try to portray our musical taste. Currently we are working on part 2 of ‘The series’ which will have some amazing tunes by Boulaone, DJ Vindictiv, Jameszoo and others.

You can download the 4-track EP at:

Juno download
HMV digital
7 digital
Digital tunes
DJ Tunes
Music is here

You can order the vinyl/12″ at:

Rush Hour store

Or ofcourse, go get it at your local recordstore…


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