Novelties from Fremdtunes HQ!

First of all: we, under the alias of OptiMace, just released a brand new EP called ‘This music is not music’ on the great netlabel Kitchen Dip Recordings. A peculiar mix of jazz, hiphop, pop, soundscapes and electronics. It’s fresh, funky & free! Go download the EP at

More OptiMace news: we invited some of the finest artistst around to remix tracks of the ‘Used Future’ EP and one by one the remixes are coming in. We’ve decided to put ‘m out on 7-inch first (in a series of 3) and afterwards as digital release. So, vinyl-lovers first! The remixers are: Big Mister Doom, Deformer, DJ Devastate, DJ Mace, Eni-less. iET & Optimus, Ill Symphony, KRSUR and Moods. We’ll keep you posted on release-dates!

Other odd future business: Fremdtunes and Mashville are working with bkkc on See-a-sound. It’s an interdisciplinary project with 10 designers and 10 producers/DJ’s interlinking – to work on a-silkscreenprint-and-music exposition, which will be held at bkkc Tilburg in 2012.  Participating artists are Attak, Grazzhoppa, Boris Tellegen, DJ Mace, Jeroen Erosie, Jameszoo, Graphic Surgery, Kelpe, Loulouandtummie, DJ Optimus, Michiel Schuurman, Soosh, Mister Adam,
Coco Bryce, Staynice, Julian Edwardes, Studio Boot, Solo Moderna, Supernova and Kid Sundance. More information will follow soon!

In the meantime, alotof good music hit ‘the streets’: classic Dutch hiphop crew The Proov just put out their new LP Off the cuf, Vindictiv did a nice remix, distorted and striking as ever, Frietboer just released Fiks and beatking Coco Bryce released a smashing 7-inch on Saturate. For more monthly musical hints – check our juno chart.

So, that’s the Weather Fremdcast for today. Stay tuned!

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