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Batten down the hatches, here comes trouble: today’s Weather Fremdcast! Starting with a new Weather Fremdcast Guestmix by the ultimate party-DJ/turntablist Courtasock from Turnhout, Belgium. Courtasock blends uptempo hip-hop, funk, […]

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FilthyBroke is the alias of a man called Michael J Collins. Last week he released ‘SketchyBook‘: a rapid-fire ‘sonic collage’ of off-kilter, unsettling, deranged and sometimes pretty ‘sound sketches’. What’s the story behind this release and his notable creator? Well, here it is: the rough guide to the work by FilthyBroke, the artist formerly and in daily life known as […]

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Mister Adam (Mashville) & DJ Mace (Fremdtunes) performed with SEE-A-SOUND at Stukafest Nijmegen on February 6th 2013. In front of a select group of people, in the room of a student called Lotte, Mister Adam and DJ Mace played their game of audio-visual ping-pong. While Adam worked on the creation of a piece of cut-n-paste wizardry, Mace recorded the cutting, […]