Today we present the 6th track of the remix-artwork project ‘REPROGRAM: A SEQUENCE OF REMIXES’, with the release of a remix by Planes for Julian Edwardes and artwork by Raymond Lemstra.

Reprogram involves 16 tracks that were previously released through Fremdtunes and are remixed and published online as a string of free downloads. One by one these tracks will be shared through various platforms in a period of a few weeks. Every song will get new artwork made by a renowned graphic designer. The whole album will be available via Bandcamp on November 23rd. Stay up-to-date through our Reprogram-release-page.

Early 2012, Julian Edwardes (Breda, NL) debuted on Fremdtunes with a track called ‘Blurry Air Banjo’ on the compilation SEE-A-SOUND. Subsequently Edwardes and Fremdtunes teamed up to work on more releases, including the EP ‘Paragon‘. Edwardes is known for his melodic, synth-driven, complex beats. Inspired by artists like Flying Lotus, Tortoise and Mouse on Mars, he re-samples, chops and screws sounds coming from ancient synths and 21st century machines and arranges them in his eccentric musical constructions. His tracks were remixed by artists like Ben Butler & Mousepad, E.R.P. & Emufucka and he released music on Lomechanik and Shipwrec.

Remixer in charge here is London-based Planes turning the original into a killer electronic boogie/funk track. This year Planes (a.k.a. Point B a.k.a. Richard Bultitude) debuted with ‘Mind Reader‘ on Fremdtunes on which he displayed subtle, elegant, downtempo hip-hop grooves. His sky high rhythms, low flying bass and fine blend of sun-soaked synths, molten instruments and wiley grooves were previously picked up by Lab Beat and he’s now working on a follow up to his Fremdtunes debut. The remix is mastered by Collin Visser (Takumi Audio).

Raymond Lemstra provides the artwork for this remix. Lemstra currently lives and works in Amsterdam. His works refer to the illustrative nature of primitive drawing and sculptures, while contrasting the naive and sophisticate through his characters and intricate process.


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