Fremdtunes and Digital in Berlin present the 4th track of the remix project ‘REPROGRAM: A SEQUENCE OF REMIXES‘ today, with the release of a remix by Pierce Warnecke for Julian Edwardes and artwork by Freshco.

Crooks is a track of the 2013 release ‘Paragon‘ by Julian Edwardes (Breda, NL). Edwardes is known for his melodic, synth-driven, complex beats. Inspired by artists like Flying Lotus, Tortoise and Mouse on Mars, he re-samples, chops and screws sounds coming from ancient synths and 21st century machines and arranges them in his eccentric musical constructions. His tracks were remixed by artists like Ben Butler & Mousepad, Big Mister Doom, E.R.P., Planes & Emufucka and he released music on Lomechanik, Shipwrec and Fremdtunes.

Berlin-based Pierce Warnecke is on remix duty. He took the raw material of Crooks and graced it with a firm touch of glitched, screeched, squeaked, electronic funk. Pierce Warnecke has been creating digital material since his studies at Berklee College of Music. He previously collaborated with artists like Kelpe, Big Mister Doom, Rodolphe Loubatière, Anton Mobin & othersand performed in Europe and the US with different audio- and audiovisual projects. In 2012 he released ‘The Machine Regrets‘ on Fremdtunes.

02_ZZZFriso Blankevoort (Freshco) is an illustrator living and working in Amsterdam, creating images that communicate in a clear way. Balancing out his compositions like a traditional modernist, but never without a hint of personality and humor.


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