FR-WEATHER-FREMDCAST-13---2Batten down the hatches, here comes trouble: today’s Weather Fremdcast!

Starting with a new Weather Fremdcast Guestmix by the ultimate party-DJ/turntablist Courtasock from Turnhout, Belgium. Courtasock blends uptempo hip-hop, funk, soul, boogie, afro, latin, reggae, dub, breaks and gets you on the good foot. Ecoute!

Today, straight from Arizona, comes the first compilation (free!) by Filthy Broke Recordings: ‘Best Buds Compilation Volume 1‘ featuring artists like, Nappychan, Wood Ox, Alphabets ft dan0, Magic Nana and two familiar faces: Julian Edwardes and Kid Sundance. If this compilation portrays the shape of things to come on Filthy Broke Recordings, the future’s looking bright, promising, experimental and filthy flar’n filthy.

Talking about the future, DJ Iron’s ‘Classic Recipes Volume 1‘ goes the other direction on the time-line. Taking it back to the ’90’s, Iron and friends took vocals of classic hip-hop tracks and furnished them with outstanding, jazzy sample-based beats.

And then: Kelpe announces his new album ‘Fourth: The Golden Eagle’. We had the privilege to have a sneak-listen and well: we’re grateful we could. What’s not be liked about Kelpe’s music: he’s able to make electronic music sound lively, ‘natural’, pounding yet refined, complex yet groovy, melodic and he has it’s very own signature. He’s been putting out music for a steady 10 years now and after releasing music on DC Recordings, Myor, Black Acre, Myor and of course Fremdtunes, he kick-started his own imprint this year.

Make sure you check the ‘Beaks of Eagles’ remix by French king-of-the-beats Fulgeance.

We finish this Fremdcast off with some incoming messages: Julien Mier is about to drop his new EP on Lowriders, follow this talented guy. And stay alert for the upcoming releases by Jay Hats, Planes and Moods.

That’s the Fremdcast for today, enjoy the weather!

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