TapeA very bon jour to you. Interesting new music coming from all angles, here are a few of our suggestions. The Weather Fremdcast of today!

The new EP by Deft on Project Mooncircle. is one you should definitely check out. Releasing music before on Wotnotmusic and the likes, Deft combines downtempo beats, deephouse rhythms and crossing-the-160-bpm-border-tracks with space-echoed, reverb-soaked, enchanting melodies on ‘Voight Kampff‘. Now hurry over to Bandcamp for some good old Skweee by Flogsta Danshall’s Beem. The Future‘ is an album that was selfreleased in 2008 and has been put on cassette-tape (let’s celebrate) and re-released by Ausland Schläge. It bumps and grooves with that ptiched down, modern interpretation of 80’s boogie and electronic funk and yes, it’s still ‘the future’. For more hisssss; dive into Cut Chemist’s ‘Cassette Culture‘ for the Stones Throw Podcast. It’s a blast.

Here’s our last suggestion for today to make sure you stay up-to-date to sonic adventures: Audio Texture, a small music consultancy, running a weekly radioshow (among other things) is something we think you definitely should subscribe to (if you didn’t already) on mixcloud. Electronic, warm, soulful music (from downtempo to footwork) brought to you every week and here’s their latest episode.


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