It’s a rainy Sunday in Hollandia, so a perfect to day to share the Weather Fremdcast with you.

First of all, a new Fremdkunst EP is coming up. It’s called ‘Human Beings May Be Zombies’ and here’s a demo version of the bonustrack. It’s an edit of the previously released ‘Borne Back Ceaselessly In To The Past’ on ‘The Blue Marble’ EP (Kitchen Dip Recordings). You can download the track for free.

Here’s another free newbee by none other than Moods, taking it across the globe and teaming up with Ben Jamin’ (we played another awesome track he did with @Peace here), from Auckland (NZ). Experimental, soulful, rich and creamy; just the way we like it.

Also, Emufucka is at it again with a new track. Something different than what we know him for and this is one will sure create a fiesta in the club!

Heineken x Mysteryland x Hedof_web

In the meantime we have been receiving a lot of the remixes for our project Reprogram. We also received the first designs by the graphic artists. We are not going to share any of these works, but just to give you a hint of what’s coming up: here’s a work made by one of the participants. He goes by the name of Hedof (from Breda, NL) and he made this design (to the right) for a Heineken beer bottle.

Last but not least, sign up for our Spotify playlist ‘Fremdtunes Radio‘. This playlist portrays our taste in music and it’s updated on a regular bases.

Have a nice day!

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