Today, Reqeffect and Fremdtunes present you the 5th track of the remix project REPROGRAM: A SEQUENCE OF REMIXES, with the release of a rework by DJ Mace for FilthyBroke’s ‘Butler Hospital’ and artwork by Gijs Weijer.


‘Butler Hospital’ appeared on ‘SketchyBook‘, released early 2013 by FilthyBroke through Fremdtunes. FilthyBroke is the new project from old producer Michael J Collins (AZ, USA). MJC had built a solid reputation releasing/licensing futuristic and quirky disco with imprints such as Wolf+Lamb, Fabric, K7 etc. He then inexplicably stopped producing music for nearly two years. He’s now at it again, releasing music through his newborn label FilthyBroke Recordings and ready to rock steady.

Punk-rock, new-wave and soul. Kool DJ Mace a.k.a. Monsieur Fremdkunst a.k.a. 50% of Fremdtunes a.k.a. Rogier van Hout was probably inspired by G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid’s ‘Play that beat’ when he took the job to remix FilthyBroke’s ‘Butler Hospital’. Besides a steady 4/4 beat, he threw in some hip-hop, wave, punk, jazz, nu-soul and made his remix sound like a ‘mental case with a groove’. Mace, besides DJ-ing and producing, runs Fremdtunes with partner in crime Neels Smeekens, and has been making noise in the field of music since the early 90’s. His main musical outlet, Fremdkunst, will release a new EP very soon.

Gijs Weijer (Sweden/NL) did the spectacular artwork for this track. He’s an artist who concentrates on two dimensional work in the art of painting and drawing.

Collin Visser (Takumi Audio) mastered the remix. The complete compilation will be available through Bandcamp on November 23rd.


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