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So, we recently released Coco Bryce’s album ‘Boesoek’. wrote: “I don’t want to overstate anything and regret it later, but this is about as solid a début album you’ll come across from an instrumental producer. It’s interesting, varied, and fun, and I feel like I get something new out of it with each listen.” Tokyo Breath Sauce said: “It is really […]

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Here’s a little compilation of ímages of a great Fremdtunes night at ‘Land van Loos’ at 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Mister Adam and Superelectric did live art and visuals. DJ’s were Jameszoo & Coco Bryce and Fremdkunst ‘pocket size’ featuring Erwin Vann performed live. The track on the video is by Solo Moderna (Fremdkunst’s ‘Sidewalk surfers & eccentric dancers’ remix). […]

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Fremdkunst remix by Solo Moderna – snippet

Producer/DJ Solo Moderna hooked us up with a superb, crazy, dubby Fremdkunst remix. This superfunky track will be released on our second release ‘Fremdtunes – the series volume 1’ (vinyl!). This label sampler will also feature music by Coco Bryce (ft Gumshoe, Incks & Mace), Kid Sundance (OptiMace remix) and DJ Optimus. You can check a snippet of  ‘Sidewalk surfers & eccentric dancers […]