We celebrate our second anniversary on April 26 2012! ‘Just’ or ‘already’ two years of blood, sweat, no tears, ear- & eyecandy. And being in motion, on a rampage, in a roller coaster, discovering, uncovering, pondering, rustling, just being there and most of all: having fun.

Of course, we want to celebrate this joyous event with you and we are giving away 4 prizes.

You can win the following:

1 x 12-inch Fremdtunes: the series 1 + 1 x 12-inch Fremdtunes: the series 2 (various artists)

1 X CD Fremdkunst: b-beats & soundscapes and 1 x cd DJ Optimus: Double Helix DNA 1 x 7-inch OptiMace – The Future is Not…

1 x 12-inch Kelpe: Chocolate Money EP & 1 X 12-inch Soosh: SoFar

Test pressing of 1 x Coco Bryce: Boesoek, 1 x Pierce Warnecke: The Machine Regrets and 1 x SEE-A-SOUND LP

How to become lucky?
– We would like to hear from you which artist you want to see working with Fremdtunes (for example: an outstanding musician, the best graphic designer in the world, Pulitzer price winning photographer, exceptional writer etc.). And explain: why him or her?
– Place your answer in the comment section beneath this post. Don’t forget to state your name and e-mail adress.
– Let us know what price you’re interested in (only one bundle per person).
– Respond BEFORE April 25 (GMT +1 timezone).

We will pick 4 persons who come up with the most original, relevant, beautiful, striking answer and announce their names on this website on April 26.

Good luck!


  1. I’d Love to see you work with Secret of Steel. Virtually impossible but historically, in another setting, proven a recipe for grand master results. Now have I won?

  2. I would like to see Desmond Cheese, my friends from Australia working with Fremdtunes. These guys make chilled, abstract and dope instrumental Hip(Trip)-Hop.. Please see this link to their debut album

    Desmond Cheese are being slept on, in the overseas market and should not be. I would like to see these guys gain more recognition in and outside of Australia. I believe the music produced by Desmond Cheese is edgy and fits well into the niche sound that Fremdtunes promotes. This music has character!

    Thanks for reading


    Either Bundle 1 or 4

  3. Bill Laswell meets Vik Muniz, hear me now!
    In few words, out of the box, out of perspective, out of dated,
    out of everything, ultimately Fremd tunes!

    Mister Mosey

    Bundle 4

  4. My idea is to work around a concept album with the works of Jean Tinguely, a swiss kinetic sculptor. His mechanical works catches a lot of interesting sounds which would be a very interesting start to kick off with such a “remix” competition based on something which was an object first. To work personally with the dear man though would be impossible, he’s dead. But record his sculptors would be a nice idea nonetheless.

    If I could pick, I would choose 1 or 4!

  5. A suggestion in general; I think somebody like Memorecks (on youtube) would be nice. He makes nice sounds with a mix between analog and digital and isn’t afraid to share with the ‘online community’ by answering questions, making reviews and tutorials. I’ll bet there are others like him around but he’s the only one I can think of right now.


  6. I’ll say Ennio Morricone must be the one who can spaghetti, suspense and score you guys out… He done a Fries film soundtrack so why not.

    bundle 2

  7. I’d suggest my girlfriend; Kitty Rispens. She’s about to graduate as an animator. During her course she went on a internship at Superelectric. On one day she came home and showed me some test animations on which she worked with Superelectrics Henk Loorbach. I was fascinated by the visuals and also a lot by the accompanied blissful music from Soosh.

    So, to this point I discovered; a brilliant electronic artist, my girlfriend doing a stunning job and the wonderful world of Superelectric. The next best thing I could hope for was a physical release from Soosh.
    Somewhere in March this year I found out about the SoFar EP through Fremdtunes and I soon enough ended up with a copy of that same record in my hands.

    I would love to see Kitty animate for Fremdtunes in the future. Working on videos for a record label with such inspiring artists would definitely push her to new limits in her work as well as it would let me discover new music. Her animated work can be viewed over here:

    Cheers to two FREMDTUNES years!


    p.s. I’d be most glad with bundle 4.

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