On January 27nd we celebrated the opening of our exposition of the project SEEASOUND we did with collaborative art project Mashville at bkkc, Tilburg. After two-and-a-half month the expo is coming to end this Friday. April 20 (between 13.00 en 17.00) will be the last possibility to visit the expo at bkkc, Tilburg (NL)!

SEEASOUND is an interdisciplinary project in which ten acclaimed autonomous designers and an equal number of talented producers/DJ’s teamed up to produce an exhibition and accompanying vinyl record. The ten serigraphs and musical compositions are on display in the exhibition hall at the bkkc. Purchase the 2 x LP (link to digital files on the cover) at Antenne Tilburg (NL), Rush Hour (NL), HHV (DE), Jet Set (JP), Juno (UK), Sounds or bkkc. Or get the digital tracks at Boomkat, Juno, Red Eye Records and any other DL-store in your area. The silkscreen-prints are available at www.bkkc.nl/buyasound.

Special thanks goes out to everybody who collaborated on this project: Mashville, Coco Bryce, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Mace/Fremdkunst, DJ Optimus, Jameszoo, Julian Edwardes, Kelpe, R&R Grooove Xpress (Kid Sundance & R0nes), Solo Moderna, Soosh, Attak, Boris Tellegen, Graphic Surgery, Jeroen Erosie, Loulou & Tummie, Michiel Schuurman, Mister Adam, Staynice, Studio Boot, Supernova, Lennard Schoomheim, Ali Mousavi, the whole Thefindmag team, Laid Back Radio, Rutger Termohlen, Budy Mokoginta, Kjell van Norel, Superelectric, Vincent Poeze, Paradox, Rodney Kasandikromo & dancecrew,  Eric Vloeimans, Wiboud Burkens, Joris Posthumus, Motorbongo, Rutger Rijken, Sabine de Lat, Maarten de Splenter, Olga Mink, Kijksbuiskinderen, Job-Joris-Marieke, Rush Hour, Sounds, Antenne, EPM, bkkc, all blogs & e-zines who highlighted the project and last but not least all visitors!

One last thing: DJ Mace did a mix with tunes of artists who are (in)directly related to the artists who participate in SEE-A-SOUND for Laid Back in collaboration with Thefindmag: Catch the beat!

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