To promote the new music release by OptiMace “This Music Is Not Music” (FREE), on Kitchen Dip, Kitchen Dip and Fremdtunes are holding a contest! This contest is based around the song “Invasion of the Lettermen”, a track (ft Erwin Vann & Shycop) which is the result of a collaboration between DJ’s/producers OptiMace and graphic artists Mashville. DJ Mace & DJ Optimus took turns with Dr. Jay & Mister Adam (Mashville) to create the musical & visual combination. The CD & Silkscreen Poster are very rare, only a handful were pressed.
Some extra info on Mashville: on October 7nd these guy’s will open their expo ‘Big Dushi Taes’ in Berlin (Pierce Warnecke will be performing amongst others!): take a look at: Also: Mashville and Fremdtunes are working on a project called See-a-sound with 20 graphic designers and DJ’s/producers…more info soon!

And now, back to the contest: how to enter:
1. “Like” the Fremdtunes Fanpage on Facebook
2. “Like” the Kitchen Dip Fanpage on Facebook
3.  Answer the following Question: What is the new upcoming release by Fremdtunes?
4. Post your answer here on the official Facebook Contest posting.

Contest Rules
No purchase necessary, only one entry per person. The winner will be selected by OptiMace on October 3rd 2011.

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