We are extremely proud to introduce: Fremdblend – tunes for the future – volume three: a mix of snippets of recent and upcoming releases. Smoothly mixed by the always-accurate Mister Critical (BE) and online distributed by Laid Back Radio. The mix features tracks and/or appearances by artists like Big Mister Doom (UK), Coco Bryce (NL), DJ Devastate (SE), DJ Optimus (NL), Erwin Vann (BE), Fremdkunst (NL), Gumshoe (NL), Illy Symphony (NL), Jameszoo (NL), Kelpe (UK), KRSUR (NL), iET (NL), Kid Sundance (NL), Pierce Warnecke (DE), Saccage (NL) and Soosh (UK). Download directly on soundcloud or stream the mix with full track-listing at Laid Back Radio!

Download/stream the first two Fremdblend mixes too: Fremdblend 1.0 (mixed by OptiMace) & Fremdblend 2.0 (mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa).

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