A lot has been going on at Fremdtunes HQ. First of all, we are about to release the ‘Chocolate Money EP’ 12″ by Kelpe ft remixes by Huess and Coco Bryce on November 22nd. Just recently we released our first album ‘Fremdkunst: b-beats & soundscapes’ (which had a great review in Dutch music-magazine Fret) and November 1st we put out our first vinyl record: ‘Fremdtunes – the series 1’: a 12″ labelsampler with music by DJ Optimus, Coco Bryce ft Gumshoe (The Proov) and Incks (Real Phresh), Kid Sundance and Solo Moderna. Nice to mention: the debut LP ‘Boesoek’ by Coco Bryce (releasedate February 14th 2011) is being mastered by Mokosound and so is ‘Fremdkunst: Zauberschwein by candlelight’. ‘Zauberschwein’ is a digital EP which will be released as – because we are so very generous people – free download on our bandcamp page. Mister Adam must be the most busy man on this planet because he’s doing all covers and designs for these releases, plus he’s working hard on a new expo with his superb project Mashville.

We also like to mention a few nice collabo’s we’ve been doing lately: DJ Optimus has been recording cuts for legendary Dutch hiphop group The Proov and is about to finish his first full-length album which will be released on Fremdtunes. He’s also wrapping up ‘Used Future’ by OptiMace, together with DJ Mace – who just did a collabo on ‘Frietboerism 5’ by Frietboer. Design by ‘Used Future’ will be done by Klaas Verplancke & Mister Adam. Also, the first tunes for ‘Fremdtunes – the series 2’ have been recorded. Expect some work by Boulaone, DJ Vindictiv, Jameszoo and some other very, very interesting guests. Above all that we’ll be having our first labelnight on January 8th 2011 at 013, Tilburg (during Loos). So, to be short: stay tuned!

Fremdkunst – It’s a beauteous evening by fremdtunes

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