So, we recently released Coco Bryce’s album ‘Boesoek’. wrote: “I don’t want to overstate anything and regret it later, but this is about as solid a début album you’ll come across from an instrumental producer. It’s interesting, varied, and fun, and I feel like I get something new out of it with each listen.” Tokyo Breath Sauce said: “It is really really fresh!!!”. Ninja Tune’s Slugabed described it as: “It’s like riding a phoenix through a waterfall.” Slow Hand Motëm announced: “IT BUMPS!!!” and our good friend producer/DJ Solo Moderna: “Excellent digidubby style, great release!!”. Enough for the good references: since we pressed a limited amount of copies we suggest you to be quick and order the vinyles while you can.

Here are some spots that sell the vinyl record:

Boomkat (UK)

Dux Records (AU) 

Fade (Sweden) 

Groove collector (FR) 

Jetset (Japan)

Newtone Records (Japan)

Picadilly Records (Japan) 

Rubadub (UK) 

Rush Hour (NL) 

And ofcourse, you can also order the digital versions for ever and ever: here are some virtual places where you can get this great record:





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