Exactly one year ago we released the free ‘Zauberschwein by candlelight’ EP by Fremdkunst. This was the first in a series called ‘Zauberschwein im krankenhaus’. After the release of part 2 O sweet schwein of minein June, it’s time to bring the series to a closure with Like Zauberhulk‘Like Zauberhulk’ is a 6-track EP and one more time DJ Mace and friends explore the outer-limits of the nihilistic Fremdkunst-universe.

DJ Mace, initiator of Fremdkunst, takes on ‘Like Zauberhulk’ care of most of the productions. Vindictiv produced the bone-shattering ‘Kees de Rauwe Bonk’. DJ Optimus produced the nerve-wrecking remix of ‘Elodie Sanson’. Special guests are saxophone magician Erwin Vann on ‘Das Abendland’ and key-player Freq on ‘Occupy Utopia’. The bonus-track ‘Lab & Live’ includes live-recordings of a performance by Fremdkunst in 2010 with DJ’s Mace, Optimus and Vindictiv, guitar-hero Shycop, Baba Sissoko (percussion, vocals) and trumpeter Eric Vloeimans. As usual, the magnificent Mister Adam created the artwork. Inspiration comes from the works of Charles Taylor (the Canadian), Drive, The Occupy Movement, A. Schopenhauer, D’Angelo, Nelson George, The Snail, Lars Svendsen, Skateboard Kings and Gustave Flaubert.



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