Fresh start of the weekend with another Weather Fremdcast!

Busy week with rounding up the masters for SEE-A-SOUND and releasing the Wax Poetics mix by Devastate and now we’re finalizing the tracks for Like Zauberhulk‘, the last free EP in the series of ‘Zauberschwein im krankenhaus’ by Fremdkunst. If you aren’t familiar with these EP’s, make sure you download ‘Zauberschwein by candlelight‘ and the follow-up ‘O sweet schwein of mine‘. ‘Like Zauberhulk’ will be out this Monday, December 5th.

Only 4 day’s later German-based label Project Mooncircle shoots the brand new LP by 1000names into the stratosphere. We were honored to have a pre-listen and these guy’s (as expected) bring true ear-candy. Here you can find a snippettape. Almost a month out now, but really something not to sleep on is Nifkin’s ‘Caught me red bearded‘: dreamy, offbeat, dubby, spacey and truly authentic. Also, our main man Coco Bryce just uploaded a killer-track called Moments in Muff. More new Dutch stuff by Super DJ DNS who released his first video, our close friend Vindictiv uploaded a snippetmix for the forthcoming 0118 album and our friendly neighborhood emcee P-Yott finally put a new track online. Yeh!

For those who are not leaving the house this weekend, we’ve got a couple of suggestions for your online-radio-listening pleasure: first of all there’s NZ’s BaseFM (listen to Fry Bread Breakfast for example) with so much good shows and music. From Pittsburgh, US, operates Kerem Gokmen with his Dubmission show which serves you an outstanding mix of Offbeat, Glitch, Hip Hop, Jazz, Techno, Soul, Down-tempo, House, Funk, Leftfield, Dubstep, Broken, Boogie & more. Of course there’s Montreal’s classic WEFUNK radio which focuses on Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Jazz. Don’t forget about the extremely on point online radio-magazine Laidback from Brussels. And last but not least you should definitely follow Ennio Styles Stylin’ if you want to stay up-to-date with all the best of Rare Grooves, Hi-tech Jazz and other Worldly Fusions (and everything in-between).

Well, ’nuff talk: enjoy the weekend.

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