We are about to release Kelpe’s ‘Chocolate Money EP’, so I was thinking about the first time I heard his music at a record-store in the center of Paris. The local retailer was very enthusiastic about this new record called ‘Ex-aquarium’ he just got in. I listened to it and bought it (of course). That same day I bought two other records: one of ‘m was ‘Comme à la radio’ by French singer Brigitte Fontaine, listen to it. I only recently discovered (read the credits) she recorded this with Art Esemble of Chicago, worth checking!. The other was a ‘best of’ record’ by Clifford Brown & Max Roach. I think Clifford Brown is one of the greatest trumpeters of all times and although he died at 25 he made some incredible records (for example with Art Blakey). So, that’s the fremdcast for today. Enjoy and stay tuned.

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