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Mister Adam (Mashville) & DJ Mace (Fremdtunes) performed with SEE-A-SOUND at Stukafest Nijmegen on February 6th 2013. In front of a select group of people, in the room of a student called Lotte, Mister Adam and DJ Mace played their game of audio-visual ping-pong. While Adam worked on the creation of a piece of cut-n-paste wizardry, Mace recorded the cutting, […]

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It’s been a busy year at Fremdtunes HQ so far and, despite the lasting cold, the forecast seems to be: incalescence! After the Juno-recommended ‘The Machine Regrets’ by Pierce Warnecke, Boomkat-recommended ‘SEE-A-SOUND’ LP and the Satellite-featured ‘Tinderbox’ EP by Big Mister Doom, we’re all ready and set for the next release on February 13: ‘Ti Amo (De La Fonque)‘ by […]

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Today we celebrate the opening of the exhibition SEE-A-SOUND and the accompanying vinyl (double LP & digital)! Tonight, starting at 20.00 hours, the expo at bkkc, Tilburg (NL), will open with performances by Jameszoo, Rodney Kasandikromo and DJ Optimus & Eric Vloeimans. Purchase the 2 x LP at Antenne Tilburg, Rush Hour, Sounds or bkkc. Or go digital at Boomkat, […]

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Rouding up our business for 2011 we gladly like to share some news with you. On January 27nd Fremdtunes will release with Mashville and bkkc the 2xLP ‘SEE-A-SOUND’ with music by Coco Bryce, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Mace, DJ Optimus, Jameszoo, Julian Edwardes, Kelpe, Kid Sundance, Solo Moderna and Soosh. The record is currently being pressed, but we don’t want to keep these snippets […]

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Today is the deadline for all producers/DJ’s/musicians who participate in the project SEE-A-SOUND. The final word is to the designers who shall respond to the last soundsnippets/tracks. Designer-duo Attak already […]