Rouding up our business for 2011 we gladly like to share some news with you.

On January 27nd Fremdtunes will release with Mashville and bkkc the 2xLP ‘SEE-A-SOUND’ with music by Coco Bryce, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Mace, DJ Optimus, Jameszoo, Julian Edwardes, Kelpe, Kid Sundance, Solo Moderna and Soosh. The record is currently being pressed, but we don’t want to keep these snippets away from you. So take a pre-listen! And after that: pre-order!

In the meantime we’re preparing other releases: the definitive tracks for two digital releases recently arrived at Fremdtunes HQ. The first release is the mindblowing Big Mister Doom’s 4-track single ‘Tinderbox’ with ‘b-side’ Wilderness, out on February 4th. Our Berlin-based friend Pierce Warnecke remixed the title-track; OptiMace remixed ‘Wilderness’ with the help of iET (vocals/trumpet) and Budy Mokoginta on guitar. The other tracks we received were by Japanese beat-warrior Emufucka. His 4-track single ‘Planar Rift’ will be out on March 22nd 2012. Special guests are St. Andrew (US) and DZA (RU) who both wonderfully remixed Emufucka’s tracks.

Then there’s the usual good music we need to share with you. Let’s start with the brand new free release SATURATED! VOL. 2 on Saturate Records (Hamburg) with one hell of a track by KRSUR and Coco Bryce and much more brainsmuthering tunes. Free music comes from our main man Solo Moderna too, who did a Shis Kebab Yéyé (Solo Moderna Kebabington Garage Ritmo remix). And more outstanding gratuit soulfood is to be found at producer Beatsofreen & mc Medaforacle‘s bandcamp page.

Well, let’s keep it there. Stay fresh, stay dry, stay tuned!

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