2012. And like Jimmy Castor said: it’s just begun. We’re in the middle of a movement of the office to a new and improved place, working new plans and preparing a whole bunch of fresh stuff.

We told you before about the SEE-A-SOUND expo at bkkc, Tilburg (NL). We’ll officially kick off on January 27th with performances by Jameszoo, b-boy Rodney Kasandikromo, DJ Optimus and trumpet player Eric Vloeimans. You can read all about the opening of the exhibition at http://seeasound.com/agenda/ (in Dutch). If you’d like to pre-listen and pre-order the record that comes with the expo; visit the Rush Hour store! The visual on the side is by Graphic Surgery, who worked with Kelpe for SEE-A-SOUND.

New-kid-on-the-block, experimental super-producer and participant in SEE-A-SOUND Jameszoo is doing well in all sorts of ways: besides the fact he is having a peculiar taste for anything, his music was found to be tasty by taste-makers Giles Peterson and Lefto who both played his ‘Kiwanushi and the Cheesechildren‘ on their radio-shows. The track will appear on the SEE-A-SOUND LP (as mentioned above). Jameszoo was noted as one of the 12 talents of 2012 at 3voor12 and he’ll be rocking Noorderslag and 5 Days Off this year.

Pierce Warnecke‘s mini-album The Machine Regrets will be out within two weeks, so to stick to the subject we made a Fremdtunes chart on Juno all about machines, robots and other automated objects. Also, take a look at the Whatpeopleplay chart by Mister Warnecke. We told you before about other upcoming releases by Big Mister Doom and Emufucka. We also received the tracks for the Soosh EP ‘SoFar’, which will be out in March 2012. Kelpe, Jameszoo and Greenwood Sharps remixed the ‘Soosh-delights’. Mokosound is working on the masters, so: be on the look out!

Last but not least, we like to highlight some of the blogs, e-zines and radioshows who shone their light on Fremdtunes and related artists, to show our appreciation: The fantastic label/blog/call-it-what-you-want Juslikemusic played some tunes of the forthcoming release by Pierce Warnecke. Bassbumpers extraordinair Lowriders wrote a very nice review about Warnecke’s debut mini-album. And, our NZ-friends from Frybread gave Fremdkunst and OptiMace more than a moment on their wonderful show.

Enough talk, start listening and stay tuned!

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