Mister Adam (Mashville) & DJ Mace (Fremdtunes) performed with SEE-A-SOUND at Stukafest Nijmegen on February 6th 2013. In front of a select group of people, in the room of a student called Lotte, Mister Adam and DJ Mace played their game of audio-visual ping-pong. While Adam worked on the creation of a piece of cut-n-paste wizardry, Mace recorded the cutting, pasting, spraying, talking and coughing of Adam with his Akai sampler and Serato. He then twisted, looped and mixed these sounds, creating new tunes. The two did three performances of each half an hour. Every performance Mister Adam made 20 unique pieces of work.

This free track is an edit of the three soundscapes/tunes that were made during Stukafest Nijmegen, recorded on cassette tape. It contains parts of ‘From Lizzie with Love (original + Big Mister Doom remix)’ by OptiMace.

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