Today we celebrate the release of Pierce Warnecke’s ‘The Machine Regrets’: an adventerous melting pot of Electronic Funk, Glitch-hop, a touch of Dubstep and Jazz. With remixes by Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez, Big Mister Doom and Kelpe.

Get the digital version at Amazon, Boomkat, Digital Tunes, DJ Tunes, Juno, Red Eye Records or any other online store. Vinyl lovers can order the 12″ at Rush Hour or go directly to your favorite vinyl store and ask for this extremely limited record.

Electronic Funk, Glitch-hop and a touch of Dubstep & Jazz from Berlin’s musical mastermind Pierce Warnecke on his new mini-album ‘The Machine Regrets’, out on Fremdtunes on January 19 2012. Warnecke fuses vibrant melodies and bouncy beats, authentically composed and inspired by the story of a machine gaining consciousness, only to see that it’s more of a burden than a benefit to one’s being. To finalize ‘The Machine Regrets’, Pierce Warnecke invited London’s beat-brainiac Kelpe and French ambassadors of Funk Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez to remix the title-song. Leeds-based duo Big Mister Doom wonderfully re-blended the song ‘Re-processed’.

Artwork & design: Mister Adam & Superelectric

1. De-processed
2. Re-processed
3. The Machine Regrets
4. Why Now
5. The Machine Regrets (Kelpe Remix)
6. Re-processed (Big Mister Doom Remix)
7. The Machine Regrets (Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez Remix)
8. A Crack in Every Wall

Read the review by Lowriders, read the interview, stream the soundcloud snippet mix, watch the teaser by Superelectric and make sure you visit

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