FilthyBroke SketchyBook2We’re very proud to present SketchyBook! The new EP by US-based artist FilthyBroke. It’s not an ‘EP’ in the traditional sense, but rather a loose expression of a moment in time. The medium is a rapid-fire ‘sonic collage’ of off-kilter, unsettling, deranged and sometimes pretty ‘sound sketches’. The collection of tunes, analog-instrument and sample-based in composition, sounds intentionally unfinished and is therefor raw and ‘in your face’.

FilthyBroke is the new project from old producer Michael J Collins (AZ, USA). MJC had built a solid reputation releasing/licensing futuristic and quirky disco with imprints such as Wolf+Lamb, Fabric, K7 etc. He then inexplicably stopped producing music for nearly two years. This is the first glimpse into FilthyBroke, a project that has come as a complete surprise to many. Including the artist himself…


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