While we just released ‘Used Future’ by OptiMace and the digital version of ‘Fremdtunes – the series 2’, we have a lot of other releases coming up. Ofcourse, May 30, we’ll have ‘The series 2’ available on vinyl.

After the release of this labelsampler, DJ Optimus will present his debut LP ‘Double Helix DNA’ to the world.  The main ingredients? Hip Hop beats rich with Jazz and Funk influences, Turntablism, Electronica and a whole squadron of guests, including Rasco, Prince Po, iET, MC Rise, Maylay Sparks, Mo & Grazz and El Da Sensei. It’s jazzy, funky, energetic, dreamy, straight forward and with the boombap right at its core.

More beats are coming from producer Saccage, who will present his digital EP ‘Yield & continue’ in July. This EP features Rude-D on vocals and remixes by 40 Winks and Coco Bryce. That’s right!

Also: Fremdkunst is currently finishing part 2 of the ‘Zauberschwein im krankenhaus’ series. It’s called ‘O sweet schwein of mine’ and has 5 instrumental, electronic and jazzy tunes with music by DJ’s Mace, Optimus & Vindictiv and saxophone players Nicolas Kummert and Rene Everts. Miami Vice vs Demonfuzz vs Bright Lights, Big City vs Zarathustra vs ….

And here we have a little treat for you: free download of the track ‘From Houston with love’ of this upcoming EP.

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