The past 3 years we’ve been sweating our heads off to accomplish this release and now it’s finally there: the official vinyl debut by OptiMace: ‘Used Future’. It sounds crispy & dusty and it looks shiny & enchanting.

Make sure you order the vinyl quickly: The record’s pressed in limited numbers! …

The EP is available at the following shops and probably soon available at a shop near you!

Betinos (FR)
Conch Records (NZ)
Dux Records (DE)
Fade (SE)
HipHopVinyl (DE)
Imusic (DK)
Japonica Music (JP)
Jazzysport (JP)
Jet Set Records (JP)
Juno (UK)
Kroese Online (NL)
Rush Hour (NL)
Supershop (SK)

Digitally, the EP is available at Boomkat, Juno, iTunes and many other online musicshops.

At The findmag you can win ‘Used Future’ wrote a nice review and so did State Magazine (in Dutch).

Superelectric made a great, nihilistic teaser for the EP. And also,  listen to the songs or download them on our bandcamp page:


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