We keep steady tunin’…so to keep you updated on our current status, here’s another Weather Fremdcast. First of all we’d like to inform you once more that ‘Boesoek‘ by Coco Bryce will hit the streets on February 14th 2011. Online magazine scratchedvinyl.com already wrote a very nice review on this LP (vinyl & digital!). Another magazine that mentioned artists connected to Fremdtunes (Kelpe/Fremdkunst) is thefindmag.com which is printed too and can be captured right here. Also, hallo040.nl shed some light on the activities of Fremdtunes and DJ Mace did a mix for ‘m (see below) which features tracks by Sixtoo, Flying Lotus, Soosh (you really need to check this guy’s work on soundcloud), Kelpe, Coco Bryce, KRSUR, OptiMace, Arts the beatdoctor and others. The exclusive track by OptiMace will not (!!!) be featured on the 6-track EP ‘Used Future’, so make sure you download this mix!

Fremdtunes | Weekend Mini-Mixtape V.3 by Hallo040

Currently Klaas Verplancke and Mister Adam are rounding up their artwork for the ‘Used Future’ EP and Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound) just created the first masters… 
As we told you before – we now have ‘Fremdtunes – the series 1’ out as digital download and you can download for free Esolar’s ‘Ocean Walker’. Nice to know: the pseudonym of Esolar is Saccage and he’s now working on his Saccage debut LP (with guest-appearances by DigHeads, Incense, Master Surreal, Rude-D, Shycop and others). So that’s the Weather Fremdcast for today. Thank you for enjoying our music and stay tuned on twitter.com/fremdtunes for all our realtime newsfacts.

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