G Bonson

Danny Veekens is a freelance journalist, the co-founder of Brain Freeze and founder of The Find Magazine. Every month he selects a ‘fresh find’ for Fremdtunes.

G Bonson is a beatmaker from Tours (France), whose music has been influenced by his years-long crate digging addiction. Samples are his shots from stashed records, causing head nodding as side-effect.

Earlier this year the French beat junkie dropped his very own debut album Do My Thing. It’s his first official release after producing and remixing for hip hop and soul artists like Wax Tailor, Puppetmastaz and The Herbaliser.

G Bonson has done ‘his own thing’ for sure: from the funky breaks on “Funky Lover” to the refreshing keys and flutes on “Stop”, and from the uptempo house-y remix of “Love & Understanding” to eerie drums on “Popping Pong”. But all tracks have one resemblance: they’re all full of soul and passion. Clear trip-hop influences and a rasping vocal sample of blues singer Helen Humes, make the binary track “Unlucky Woman” the ne plus ultra of the album.

Purchase the album to get all tracks – including eight bonus tracks! The album is available on vinyl, CD and as download through LZO Records, G Bonson’s own indie imprint.

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