Moods - Another Point Of View EPThis Monday Planes presented his wicked ‘Mind Reader‘ EP to the world, the 6 tracks for Moods’ new EP ‘Another Point Of View’ (to the left y’all and listen to a snippet at Fremdblend 5) are mastered and Jay Hats is ready and set to go to release his début single ‘Birds’. So we’re in a good mood at Fremdtunes HQ.  As the world turns, many other bold and beautiful things reach the surface of our Planet Rock and they must be shared…time for Weather Fremdcast 29052013!

Two years ago we put out our label sampler ‘Fremdtunes – the series 2‘. One of the tracks featured on this 6-track EP was ‘Inside the silence’ by Swedish DJ/producer Devastate. Just recently he teamed up again with his old partner in crime Create to deliver the EP ‘Most Confident’ (by Create & Devastate). The EP holds 4 boombap-inspired, no bs-allowed hip-hop tracks featuring Mykill Myers, Wildchild and MED plus remixes by Max I Million and Freddie Cruger. Find out for yourself why these guys are feeling so confident:

Hungarian, based in Berlin, producer Dnte (probably pronounced as Dante), just released his EP ‘Moments‘ on the first vinyl release of beat-hungry label Mad-Hop. Dnte’s latest work excels in glitchy production and bumpy beats. Some tracks, like Fold Her, are pretty catchy. Others sound abstract and perhaps less accessible to the average listener (but the average listener does not exist and of he did, he’s in the wrong corner of the internet at this very moment). All in all, a killer EP for junkies of experimental beats. Watch the video:

Here’s one more thing I’d like to talk about. It’s a few months old already, so I guess you can say I’m kind of late, but still: if you missed out on it…In the ‘old days’ you had rappers who were keeping it right and others that kept it so very real. And then you had rappers like LL Cool J who did not always ‘keep it real’ and for sure didn’t ‘keep it right’ on a daily bases. But LL did rock. Hard as hell. And as one can see, he still does till this very day. Watch him spit fire at the Grammys with Chuck D, Z-Trip, Travis Barker and Tom Morello. Classic as far as I’m concerned.

Before signing off, make sure you check out the new Andreya Triana, listen to the latest Groove Merchants Radio Show,  download via Thefindmag the hitting-you-hard-with-the-snare remix of Elzhi’s Deep (ft Frankadelic on cuts) by Moods and listen to FilthyBroke’s mix for Greta Cottage Workshop Radio.

So. Be a Rocky, be a Werther; enjoy the weather!

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