A short Fremdcast. We’re working on future plans at Fremdtunes HQ currently. And while staring at screens, our monthly charts, mixes & compilations provide good listening pleasure: one on Beatport, one on Juno, one on mixcloud and one on 8tracks. Featuring all types of music including tracks by Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez, Soosh, Jungle by night, Fremdkunst, Cupp Cave, OC, KRSUR (upcoming Myor!), Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie and many others.

Perhaps you’d like to know a bit more about our upcoming releases, but what we can say is that (as if you didn’t know already) Kid Sundance is preparing his Kid’s Colors LP, Emufucka is finishing his second EP on Fremdtunes, Coco Bryce is finishing an EP too, plus….we’re collecting new songs for Fremdtunes – the series 3 (any suggestions are welcome)!

Stay tuned!

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