Kid’s Colors is the name of the brand new LP Kid Sundance will release in August 2012: a modern day vintage album, inspired by the library- and stockmusic compilations of the 70’s and 80’s. On Kid’s Colors Sundance combines beat-fuelled Jazz, Funk-grooves, old school Hip Hop vibes, warm melodies with the use of vintage gear. Consider Kid’s Colors to be his productional palette: a decisive look into the mind and soul of Kid Sundance. Kid Sundance has been active as a producer/DJ since the 80’s and worked with artists such as Busy Bee and Dudley Perkins. After all these fun years of releasing music with others, he’s finally about to release his first solo LP on Fremdtunes.

Because it’s his debut, Sundance wants this album to be more than perfect. And perfection is going to cost. More than Fremdtunes can afford. But, with your help we will be able to accomplish his album: so, if you’re sympathetic with this project, go to this website (in Dutch) and donate! There are different options you can choose from (Sundance might even come celebrate at your habitat). Please. Be generous: and thanks in advance!

For people who live outside the Netherlands, but who want to join in: please send an e-mail to info at fremdtunes dot com and mention in the subjectline: Voordekunst Kid Sundance.

p.s. remember to join the Kid’s Colors cover-contest!

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