It really isn’t the type of weather to spend time outside the office, so it’s time for another Weather Fremdcast! No guest-mix this time, but we do have the new monthly mix by DJ Mace (Serato broke down, so it’s more of a cut-and-paste-collection). All nocturnal tunes by artists like Soosh, Electric Barbarian, Mr. Brown, Lee Spacey, Max Roach and two exclusive demo-tracks by Coco Bryce and Julian Edwardes. Ecoute!

Recently, the Fremdtunes mailbox flooded with interesting, less-interesting and mind-blowing music. Here’s a few that stood out:

Of course we have to start with telling you about the following: August 2012, Kid Sundance (Eindhoven, NL) will release his Kid’s Colors LP on Fremdtunes… Before he introduces you to his fresh, new instrumental work: get introduced to the Godfather LP he did with Dudley Perkins A.K.A DECLAIME! Released in 2002 & 2006 as separate 12-inches, after all these years finally available as complete download!

More music from The Netherlands: there’s good news for all turntablism-lovers: Uncle Lew & Coco B (also known as Sleeping Giant) just released Carolina Panther: adventurous tales of turntablism. Nothing but next century scratching over Christmas Looper beats. Fly bird, fly!

Nifkin of Sweden’s Pom Peri Posse is preparing the release of a new, exquisite EP and you can have a sneak-peak on the Posse’s soundcloud:

More music that caught our ear: dip yourself in Mirrorman’s The Fog, download this free EP by Zerolex, here’s a great tune by Planes, Esolar released an ear-snapping single on Rub-A-Duck, wonderful 7-inch by Daniel Savio out now on Myor, very nice remix EP by Lee Spaceynew Rumpistol & Red Baron coming up on Project Mooncircle and OptiMace is finally releasing ‘The future is not what it used to be – part 1‘ as digital single (after last year’s 7-inch release)…

Last but not least: the SEEASOUND exposition in Tilburg is coming to an end. Make sure you pay a visit to bkkc, order a silkscreenprint and get your yourself the very limited SEE-A-SOUND LP!

Adios, enjoy the weather and stay tuned, stay Fremd!

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