It’s a new day, time for the latest forecast…

Our favorite label-that-isn’t-a-label Kitchen Dip Recordings provided us with a Fremdtunes Radio Channel: insert the following link into iTunes or Windows Media Player and stream a whole bunch of Fremdly tunes. And don’t forget to tune in to KDIP’s Radio Channel afterward.

More music for you to stream: Lee Spacey (The Netherlands) took it upon himself to make a mix/selection of promising young Dutch beatmakers and other artists (including Soosh!) for the Finest Ego platform. Topnotch material for all beatheads!

Promoter/musician/producer Hal McGee just uploaded ‘Tape Heads Cassette Compilation Volume One – by various international home-taper audio artists’ (released on cassette in 1998): a collection of strange, nice, terrifying, weird, alienated, what-not, lo-fi tunes. We were invited to contribute with a song for a new, upcoming compilation, but for now download and enjoy yourself with the 1998 tape on bandcamp

Just to let you know what type of tunes can be heard at the office today, we share the Fremdtunes HQ track of the day. And we salute you with this: we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary on April 26 (and a party will probably follow a few weeks later). The next two weeks we will update you on this matter (with prizes, free DL’s etc.), so stay tuned!

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