Work by Delta inspired by DJ MaceOn January 27nd 2012 we openend the exposition SEEASOUNDat bkkc, Tilburg. SEE-A-SOUND is an interdisciplinary project in which ten acclaimed autonomous designers and an equal number of talented producers/DJ’s teamed up to produce an exhibition and accompanying vinyl record. The ten serigraphs and musical compositions are on display in the exhibition hall at the bkkc, until April 20, 2012.

DJ’s Mace and Optimus will perform one last time for this project at Paradox (Tilburg, NL) on March 30 2012. They team up with keyplayer Wiboud Burkens and saxophone player Joris Posthumus to do an adventurous impro-show. Designers Boris ‘Delta’ Tellegen and Loulou&Tummie will be showing audio-visual work and Mister Adam will premiere his Flip-over-art-act.

Coco Bryce wraps up this evening with a DJ-set filled with Cumbiahop, Skweee, Future Funk and rare and undefinable tunes.

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