We invited our good friend from Sweden, DJ Devastate, to do a mix for Wax Poetics and to celebrate the release OptiMace “The Future Is Not What It Used to Be – Part 1,”. Mellow Madness, Vol. 2 is a mix full of laid back music inspired by the Fremdtunes sound. It contains tracks by DJ Optimus, Damu The Fudgemunk, Soulparlor, Daru Jones, Kev Brown, Wildcookie, D’Angelo, OptiMace and many others. Previously, OptiMace did a mix for Wax Poetics: Mellow Madness, Vol. 1.

Devastate is a producer/DJ from South Sweden. His jazzy instrumental debut album Movement/Silence was released on BBE records early 2010. Devastate also released a track on label sampler Fremdtunes – The Series 2, he’ll do a remix for the upcoming OptiMace remix 7-inch and he’s currently working on a brand new instrumental solo album and a production album with his crew Elite Fleet.

Visit Wax Poetics or stream/download the mix directly right here:

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