Just yesterday we put out Coco Bryce’s ‘Boesoek‘ and again we have some more news on a new release. This one’s by our Belgium friends The Compositive Two. They just released indepently their remix EP, an EP full of great dubstep, funk, hiphop and electronics. Nice to know: Fremdkunst (production by DJ Mace & additional sounds and main cuts by DJ Vindictiv) did a remix too! Here’s what The Compositive Two have to say about it themselves: “At first we never intended to have our tracks remixed. But after 2 of the remixers involved in this project offered to rework a track of our “compositive thoughts” album, we decided to ask around for other producers who might be interested to do the same. The result is now available as a free download for you to enjoy ! Spread the word and thx for listening…”

Listen to the original tracks/album here: tctwo.bandcamp.com/album/compositive-thoughts

The remixers are:
40 WINKS: users.telenet.be/40winks/
THE COLOURS CHANGE: www.myspace.com/thecolourschange
FREMDKUNST: www.fremdkunst.com
KRSUR: soundcloud.com/krsur
BIAZ: djbiaz.blogspot.comAnd here you’ll find the remix EP:

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