RELEASEDATE: 09/22/2014

Zibaldone is the 7th EP Kool DJ Mace releases as Fremdkunst. On Zibaldone, Mace builds on shreds of previous releases and new compositions while navigating the Fremdkunst spacecraft into well-known and unknown territory. With the help of Shycop (guitar), Wiboud Burkens (keys), Erwin Vann (sax + fx) and Vincent den Hengst (drums) Mace composed an otherworldly sonic patchwork. Besides being inspired by Giacomo Leopardi’s extensive intellectual ‘notebook’ called Zibaldone, he took influence from recordings of NYC parkjams in the 70’s, cold nights on bald mountains, Lindy-hoppers, Suspiria, Verner Panton, expressionism and dilla-ism. Artwork is done by Mister Adam. The EP is mastered by Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound).

Available via BleepBoomkat, Junodownload, Digital TunesSpotify etc.

Fremdkunst was initiated by DJ Mace in 2004, as a sequel to his instrumental beats album Zarathustra (2002) and as an exhaust for his love for beats, jazz, hiphop, vintage synths, improvisation, philosophy and literature. Inspired by the early D.I.T.C. & Paul C sound and works of Nietzsche & Chamfort, Mace created a mixture of hard-hitting beats with cinematographic vibes and melodies. On the first Fremdkunst demo (2006) Mace combined jazz, surf, old school house and other musical styles with hiphop/breakbeats. To complete the first official Fremdkunst album (2010) Mace worked with DJ Optimus, Shycop, Mete Erker and others. These past few years a lot of music was launched (via Kitchen Dip, Black Hole, Redrum etc.). Fremdkunst also performed, as team or as onemanshow, on many stages with different guestmusicians including DJ Optimus, Eric Vloeimans, Baba Sissoko, Shycop, Vincent den Hengst and Erwin Vann.

1. Pictures at an 1889 exhibition (Jolie Nabokov Mix) feat. Erwin Vann & Wiboud Burkens
2. A life in pictures feat. Erwin Vann, Shycop, Vincent den Hengst & Wiboud Burkens
3. Der untergang des abendlandes feat. Erwin Vann & Shycop
4. Blue poles feat. Erwin Vann, Shycop & Vincent den Hengst
5. Frieze of life
6. B-beats it’s time for you to come back

Fremdkunst discography
Fremdkunst – Human Beings May Be Zombies (Digital, 2013)
Fremdkunst –
The Blue Marble (Digital, Kitchen Dip 2013)
Various Artistst –
PPP Gathering #2 (Tape, Pom Perri Posse 2013)
Various Artists –
Songs of Charcoal (CD, Redrum Recordz 2012)
Fremdkunst –
Zauberschwein Im Krankenhaus (Digital, 2012)
Various Artists –
SEE-A-SOUND (LP, 2012)
Dunugoz & The Roofas –
Anita’s Theme (Fremdkunst remix) (Digital, Black Hole Recordings 2011)
Fremdkunst –
Like Zauberhulk (Free Digital, 2011)
Fremdkunst –
O sweet schwein of mine EP (Free Digital, 2011)
Various Artists – Fremdtunes the series
1 & 2 (12”, 2010 & 2011)
Fremdkunst –
Zauberschwein by candlelight EP (Free Digital, 2010)
Fremdkunst –
Fremdkunst: b-beats & soundscapes (CD, 2004-2010)
Fremdkunst –
Fremdkunst Resonance (Free Digital, 2010)
remdkunst – b-beats & soundscapes by DJ Juggernaut Mace (2006)
DJ Mace – Zarathustra (soundscapes)


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