Supertunes! is a new initiative by Fremdtunes (and a follow up to our 2013 project Reprogram) meant to spread free tunes and fresh artwork across the cloud. Each month we’ll release a new track by (a) renowned musician(s) and fresh artwork by a talented designer. Curated by Fremdtunes and Mister Adam!

The first Supertunes-track to hit the streets is by Dutch group Mighty Atlas. Mighty Atlas brings you a luscious combination of future beats, dub, jazz, world grooves and 80’s elektrofunk. The key-administers are Neels Smeekens, Wiboud Burkens and Rogier van Hout, getting together on the tune ‘Warchant’ with trumpeteer Michael Varekamp, guitarist Tristan Driesenaar and drummer Vincent den Hengst. The track is mastered by Kwezydoctor.

Currently Mighty Atlas is finishing its debutalbum featuring multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Baba Sissoko, bassplayer Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, saxophonist Itai Weissman and other guests.

The colourful artwork is made by graphic designer Rubenst (Zwolle, NL). Find out more about him on Facebook.


  1. Awesome initiative, really nice tune a brilliant piece of artwork!

    I was about to ask how to become a talented designer… 😉 but let me put it like this, how does one qualify to work on any upcoming supertunes?

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