Reprogram song number 2! Published through Rappamelo, Big Mister Doom present their beautiful, stretched out, deeply textured remix for London-based beatsmith Planes’ (a.k.a. Point B) song ‘Mind Reader‘.  Superelectric made the artwork and created a small animated loop, which he looped…enjoy! Read more about Reprogram here.

The original track appeared on this year’s release ‘Mind Reader‘ through Fremdtunes on which Planes (a.k.a. Point B a.k.a. Richard Bultitude) displayed subtle, elegant, downtempo hip-hop grooves. His sky high rhythms, low flying bass and fine blend of sun-soaked synths, molten instruments and wiley grooves were previously picked up by Lab Beat and he’s now working on a follow up to his Fremdtunes début.

Ian Scott and Joe Wretham are Manchester-based duo Big Mister Doom. They took Planes’ original track and turned it into a deeply textured, downtempo wondertune. BMD started producing tracks together in 2009 and 2010 saw the release of their self titled, first EP. They débuted in 2012 with ‘Tinderbox’ on now regular home Fremdtunes and released their follow up ‘Disconnected Repeater‘ in 2013. Ian and Joe have been remixing tracks by artists like Eskimo Twins, Huess, Muskoaka and Paper Tiger.

Amsterdam-based graphic mastermind Henk Loorbach as known as Superelectric came up with phenomenal artwork for BMD’s remix. Superelectric (I get parking tickets and annoyed, the atom bomb and the bikini are powerful weapons) also made a small animation for the remix. Watch it here. Superelectric has been involved in numerous video’s and designs for Fremdtunes and worked on video’s for Kraak & Smaak, Noisia and the likes.


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