Kick off! Today we’re proudly kickstarting our brand new project REPROGRAM with the release of the first track of this remix compilation. The raw material comes from Emufucka‘s ‘Orbit Unlimited’ and is remixed by Julian Edwardes. Designer/graffiti-king Zedz composed smashing new artwork for this canto of rough- and sweetness and you can download the complete work of art at XLR8R!.

Reprogram involves 16 tracks that were previously released through Fremdtunes and are remixed and published online as a string of free downloads. One by one these tracks will be shared through various platforms in a period of a few weeks. Every song will get new artwork made by a renowned graphic designer. The whole album will be available via Bandcamp on November 23rd. Stay up-to-date through our Reprogram-release-page or Facebook.

All remixes are mastered by Collin Visser (Takumi Audio). Graphic design is curated by Mister Adam/Mashville.

Emufucka’s ‘Orbit Unlimited‘ appeared on Emufucka‘s EP ‘Retrace’ (2012). Takafumi Sakurai aka Emufucka hails from Tokyo and is a true future beat wizard. His blissful electronica-fuelled rhythm sculptures have already created a decent buzz amongst today’s worldwide beats & bass scene. He collaborated with Count Bass D, DZA, Quarta330, My Dry Wet Mess and Coco Bryce among others, joined Red Bull Music Academy in 2013 and signed singles and EPs to imprints such as Alpha Pup, Citywurl and of course Fremdtunes.

The remixer in charge, Julian Edwardes (Breda, NL) is another true beat wizard. Inspired by artists like Flying Lotus, Tortoise and Mouse on Mars, Edwardes re-samples, chops and screws sounds coming from ancient synths and 21st century machines and arranges them in his eccentric musical constructions. His tracks were remixed by artists like Ben Butler & Mousepad, Big Mister Doom, E.R.P., Planes and Pierce Warnecke.

ZEDZ grafZedz‘s (NL/IT) graffiti art has developed over the last 25 years. The ‘duo’ works as independent artists on different disciplines, while one works basically underground the other is infiltrating the art scene.

The original tracks involved with Reprogram are produced by Julian Edwardes, Jay Hats, Coco Bryce, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Optimus ft Prince Po, Emufucka, Kelpe, OptiMace, Pierce Warnecke, Fremdkunst, Kid Sundance, Planes, Big Mister Doom and FilthyBroke. All originals can be heard on Soundcloud. The reworks are done by Pierce Warnecke, Planes, Moods, Coco Bryce, Jay Hats, Julian Edwardes, DJ Optimus, Grazzhoppa, Big Mister Doom, DJ Mace, FilthyBroke, Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez, Emufucka and Deformer.

The artwork is curated by Mister Adam/Mashville. The graphic artists joining Reprogram are Jasper Andries, Graphic Surgery, Gijs Weijer, Henk Loorbach(Superelectric), Francesco Castellani, Erosie, Steve Alexander (Rinzen), Mister Adam, Spielerei, Zedz, Bas Koopmans (Baster), Cless, Hedof, Freshco, Raymond Lemstra and Monkey.

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