Kluts Coco Bryce

Your friendly neighbourhood producer Coco Bryce, known for his ongoing stream of releases, just put out his second 7-INCH on indie-label Kluts. With artwork by the-master-himself Rutger Termohlen and the nebulous and gritty vibes on ‘Apocalypse now redux’ and ‘Washing Drums’ it’s as dark and obscure as Coco gets.

Acquire (it’s so obscure, you’ll have to search on the web yourself to find it)!

In the meantime, e-zine Earmilk premiered one of Coco’s tracks of his forthcoming album: this is the one he did with Emufucka. Stomping, grimy, grand!

To top it all, Coco uploaded another track of his forthcoming album on his Soundcloud page:

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