Julian Edwardes Paragon GOED

Proudly we present: ‘Paragon‘ by Julian Edwardes. Out today on Boomkat, Juno and any downloadstore near you!

Paragon is the new EP by Dutch electronic producer/artist Julian Edwardes (Breda). Inspired by artists like Flying Lotus and Mouse on Mars, Edwardes re-samples, chops and screws sounds coming from ancient synthesizers and 21st century machines and arranges them in his eccentric musical constructions.

With the co-production of Jay Hats and the energetic drum-play of Wouter Jaftoran, portaltrack Strawberry Shake and titletrack Paragon represent what this EP‘s about: well-arranged and percussive, yet juicy, improvised and dynamic electronic music. Crooks is perhaps the most adventurous ride on the EP with it’s provocative construction and labyrinth of sonic sensations. The Grinder is all about kicks, snares and synths. It’s Julian’s most basic work to date. In its simpleness it touches down and gets you up off your feet directly. Ben Butler & Mousepad ‘grind’ The Grinder with a fresh cadence and a touch of that good old skweee-ish funk. More polishing is done by UK-duo Big Mister Doom with a dreamy and refined remix of Mudslide.

Available on AMAZON, BLEEPBOOMKAT, DIGITAL TUNES, JUNO, TRACKITDOWN, WHATPEOPLEPLAY and any other download store near you.

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