A short but explosive Weather Fremdcast today!

As one smart fella recently said about the presidential elections in the US: at least things didn’t get worse, we’d like to add that things are really getting better by the second. Why is that? Well, first of all, as you can see on the left side of this post: Mister Adam just finished the handsprayed artwork for Cocofucka – Coco Bryce & Emufucka teamed up for this superlimited 7-inch. It’s out on December 3rd, so stay alert. A nice thing to add to this: Coco Bryce is finishing his second LP on Fremdtunes, entitled ‘Tropical Heat’!

As you may know or not know: on a regular bases we’re inviting befriended DJ’s to do a mix for our mixcloud-page. Today we present Weather Fremdcast Guestmix numero 11: mixed by none other than Prescott-based Filthy Broke. Filthy is serving an original and funky blend of Hip-House, Funkjazz, New Wave, Lowriders oldies, Hip-Hop etc. etc….with tracks by artists like Lonnie Liston Smith, Jungle Brothers, Kid Sundance, Talking Headsso take your pick!

So, enjoy the weather, be a rebel without a car, always think twice and still follow the love-signs.

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